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Cover image for Imagine New Beginnings-A Poetry Collection by Hannah J. ShawHannah J. Shaw

Imagine New Beginningsis my collection of poems written to describe my hopes and fears of moving to the other side of the world. In July 2022, I will be flying away from the UK to start my international year abroad in Australia. Studying Creative Writing in a new country is an exciting prospect for myself, and I thought a poetry collection would be the perfect way to immortalise my feelings before I embark on this journey.

Hannah J Shaw is a writer studying Creative and Professional Writing with International Experience. She is currently on placement in Australia at the University of Canberra. Her interests in writing include: Theatre, film, poetry and prose. She is available to contact through hjshaw98@gmail.com

Download the eBook: Imagine New Beginnings .

Visit Hannah Shaw blog: https://hannahjshawjournalism.wordpress.com/

Caitlin Mclinden

Lives Long Lost

Lives Long Lost (interactive version)

Caitlin Mclinden is currently in her third year of her course, Creative and Professional Writing. While an avid short story writer and hopeful novelist, she has also developed an interest in writing screenplays, poetry and online interactive fiction since arriving at Bangor University.

Amelia Eilertsen

The Novelty of Being Extraodinary

Amelia Eilertsen is an international student currently studying Creative and Professional Writing at Bangor University. Always with her head in the clouds, dreaming up elaborate fictitious worlds that inevitably end up in limbo in a document called “Misc Projects”, Amelia has always had a passion for the creatives. When she isn’t verbally arguing with her laptop in the library she enjoys hobbies like photography, painting, gaming and never completing competition pieces on time. Currently, she is experimenting with creating multi-media, interactive fiction through Twine.

You can play test the first part of her Twine Game here: https://capturedcanvas.wixsite.com/hypnoslabs/demo

Contact email: couaaf@bangor.ac.uk