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Ariella Tania Amanda

Hello, how do I save the World?

Ariella Tania Amanda is a moody-and-atmospheric-stories enthusiast. Although her love of the wonderous world of stories started at an early age, it was not until 2013 when her English teacher said “Wow! That’s amazing!” about ‘It’s A Beautiful World’ – her submission to the class’s story-writing competition– in front of the whole class that she considered taking on writing for the rest of her life. She is a Creative and Professional Writing undergraduate student at Bangor University, striving to be a published writer. Currently, she is experimenting on the genre of magical realism, bildungsroman, and surrealism; which resulted in ‘Hello, How do I save the World?’

Jamie King

The Child with a Fang in its Heart

Jamie King is a 3rd Year Creative Writing student, who grew up in Greater Manchester and the Thames Valley, and is non-binary transgender. Jamie performs and writes for the University's theatre and film groups, and their favourite author is Angela Carter.

"The stained glass wings of the Exam Ship closed with a hydraulic gush and the hemispherical trap was complete. On the parquet floor of this portable atrium, this nucleus of neural gymnastics hanging in a carbon dioxide sky, seven hundred and twelve golden pupils were instructed to turn over the cover page of their Eleven Plus and each adolescent eye locked with words of God - " from 'The Child with a Fang in its Heart"

Contact email: cou86f@bangor.ac.uk, and hellojamieking@gmail.com

Aaron Farrell

Sermons are for the Silent

I Object with my Conscience

Aaron Farrell is Don Quixote with a pen. His diversity of writing displays a hero complex, quest to embody inspiration and, tilt at windmills. The rites of his working-class upbringing didn’t inhibit Aaron’s determination to explore our pale blue dot. He employs the heterogeneous peoples and cultures to write with a tangible worldview. Studying Creative and Professional Writing at Bangor University supports dreams of a transient life, adding potency, depth and critical knowledge to his imaginative musings. He’s Chief Film Critic for Nation.Cymru, Young Critic for the Arts Council of Wales and is currently working on his first novel.

Contact email: https://farrell1991.wordpress.com/

Briony Collins

Briony Collins

Selected Poems from Redshift

Briony Collins began her writing career after both winning the 2016 Exeter Novel Prize and receiving a Literature Wales bursary for her first novel, Raise Them Up. She is now working on her second novel Ambergris and first poetry collection Redshift, in addition to her studies at Bangor University. Briony is represented by Broo Doherty of DHH Literary Agency.

My website is https://brionycollins96.wixsite.com/briony-Collins and my contact email is brionycollins96@gmail.com.

Jack Priestnall

Three poems

Jack Priestnall is a creative writing undergrad at Bangor University, he has had work published in The Seventh Quarry Press, Better Than Starbucks, bottle rocket press, Frogpond Journal, Haiku Journal, and the cherita.

Contact email for it is jack-priestnall@outlook.com

Aditi Saigal

Butter Chicken

Dot. is a student at Bangor University currently pursuing a BA in Music and Creative Writing. 'Butter Chicken' is her first written publication, published digitally in 'Bandit Fiction' magazine in 2018. Find issue two of Bandit Fiction here: https://banditfiction.co.uk/issue-two-underdog 

Contact email: muu85f@bangor.ac.uk

Grace Ellerby

Three poems

Grace Ellerby was born in Nottingham and is currently studying Creative and Professional writing at Bangor University. Since writing her first short story about dinosaurs at six years old, she has branched out into poetry and lyrics, and is now working on the first draft of a fantasy novel. When she isn’t reading or writing she can be found taking Polaroids or making extensive music playlists for her friends.

Contact email: grace.e.ellerby@gmail.com

Andrew Green

The Space Between: a novel extract

Andy Green grew up on the Wirral and is a Third Year student in Creative and Professional Writing. He hopes that after his studies he can get into publishing and help others get their voices heard. He is currently working on his biggest project yet: a faux-memoir-come-autobiography about a fake British actor in his attempt to win big at the Sundance Film Festival. It's (slowly) getting there.

Contact here: dgreena14@outlook.com


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